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At Dan's Machine Tool, Inc., we work hard to bring the finest CNC and manual machine shop equipment to our clients throughout the California area. We feature CNC and manual lathes, mills, and saws, including ACRA ATL-1118A/606AG CNC tool room lathes. These are fast, precise machines that are built on a rugged frame, and are well suited for highly accurate turning and threading. We also carry ACRA CNC Plus Mills, which achieve accuracy, speed, and reliability by precision machinery coupled with an Acu-rite control and color LCD. A full range of manual machines are also available from ACRA, including advanced band saws, cold saws, and EDM systems.

In support of our customers cutting needs we also carry band saw blades for vertical and horizontal band saws. If you require cold saw blades we also carry a full line and provide sharpening as well.

We’re proud to carry these and many other electronic and manual tool systems from ACRA, a company that has been serving the metal working industry for 25 years.

To learn more about the various CNC and manual machining options available, please contact us directly.

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Manual & CNC Lathes, Mills & Saws Product Literature & Information

Here are only a few selected new manual & CNC lathe, mill & saw manufacturing machines we sell to our customers. For more information on these products or for more information on other manufacturing machines and equipment, please contact us today.

ACRA 1800-2100C Precision Engine Lathes
ACRA 1800-2100C Precision Engine Lathes

(PDF - 102KB)
ACRA 3600-4000SHA Gear Head Engine Lathes
ACRA 3600-4000SHA Gear Head Engine Lathes

(PDF - 70KB)
ACRA ABM Precision Bed Type Milling Machine
ACRA ABM Precision Bed Type Milling Machine

(PDF - 93KB)
ACRA AM5 Precision Milling Machines
ACRA AM5 Precision Milling Machines

(PDF - 94KB)
Product Features & Benefits
  • Bed meehanite casting, vibration stress relieved
  • Spindle supported by high precision bearings
  • Integrated automatic lubrication system to ensure long life of machine gears & sideways
  • Class 7 angular contact bearings
  • Induction hardened & precision ground bed ways
  • Gears & shafts made of Ni-Cr-Mo steel & carbonize & ground
  • 3-axis travels are equipped with limited switches for safe operation
  • Certified meehanite casting
  • Spindle is supported by 3 point precision bearings: 2 taper rollers & 1 ball bearing
  • Designed for easy operation, rapid cut taper & high accuracy
  • All slide ways are induction hardened & precision grounded
  • Build In power knee
  • Headstock pressure lubrication system ensures lubrication & cooling for high speed operations
  • Automatic lubrication & locked-safe device
  • Sideways are laminated with turcite-B & precisely hand scraped
  • Auto lube system
  • Integrated automatic device for longitudinal & cross feeds, forward & reverse feeds
  • Inch, metric, module pitch & diametrical pitch
  • Hardened & precisely grounded table surface for wears resistance & excellent longevity
  • Ram locking system U.S. patent #4990039 utilizing 6 T-Bolts
  • Wide threads cutting capacity for imperial, metric, module, & diametrical pitch
  • Electric cable in steel cover to protect wire from damaging
  • 7.5 HP for ABM-6V & 10 HP for ABM-8V heavy duty motor
  • Square Y & Z ways
ACRA ATL-27EVS Second Operation Toolmaker's Lathe
ACRA ATL-27EVS Second Operation Toolmaker's Lathe

(PDF - 60KB)
ACRA FK-S Floor Type Hand Brakes
ACRA FK-S Floor Type Hand Brakes

(PDF - 51KB)
ACRA KB Vertical Bandsaws
ACRA KB Vertical Bandsaws

(PDF - 41KB)
Product Features & Benefits
  • High performance machining capability of shaft, chucking or collet held workpiece
  • Heavily built of rugged all welded construction for maximum strength and
    minimum deflection
  • Offers KB-36 & KB-45 Series Bandsawes

  • 9" swing over head
  • The brakes are designed and built for long services and accurate bending and
    forming operations
  • Table sizes from 19 1/2" x 15 1/4" to 23 1/2" x 19 1/2"

  • 36" length of bed
  • The leveling screw and lock nuts on the pedestals, jack screws, shims and upper leaf for numerous adjustments
  • Saw blade length from 113" to 141 1/8"

  • The spindle is mounted in high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings 
  • Removable apron on those brakes are supported by large pins in free-floating
    bearings, and upper leaf adjustment screws feature METALEX exclusive roller
    type bearings to prevent upper left creep
  • Saw blade width from 2.4 KVA, 1/8" ~ 5/8" to 2.4 KVA, 1/8" ~ 5/8"

  • Fast lever collet chucking with a single movement
  • Cast steel handle, heavy counter weights, and an apron stop rod complement the many other fine features of these heavy duty brakes
  • Voltage from 220V AC/ 1 PH to 220/440 V AC / 3 PH

  • Variable spindle speeds 0~4000 RPM

  • Weight from 551 lbs. to 882 lbs.

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